Past Highlights

HackPrinceton Fall 2017 was another successful weekend of fun hacking and learning! Here are highlights from previous hackathons, including winning projects, speakers, and events.


GoWithTheFlow (Fall 2017)

Best Overall, Best Machine Learning Hack, Best Use of AWS

Given a video, GoWithTheFlow uses machine learning and computer vision to analyze the flow of cars, people, or any other moving objects. The open-source app provides useful information for crowd control and urban planning.

GoWithTheFlow Team

TrackTive (Spring 2017)

Best Overall (sponsored by Vitech)

TrackTive is a DJ controller that allows the user to wirelessly control a virtual turntable. You no longer need to drop hundreds of dollars on DJ equipment to make sweet mashups!

TrackTive Demo

FiB (Fall 2016)

Best Moonshot (sponsored by Google)

This Chrome extension generated a wave of media attention as a solution to fake news. The FiB team met at HackPrinceton and immediately created a product with real social impact. FiB analyzes the authenticity of posts on your Facebook news feed, enabling you to weed out the fake news.

FiB Team


Dan Levin

President and COO Emeritus of Box

We had the privilege of welcoming Dan Levin to HackPrinceton Fall 2017. Dan served as the President and COO of Box for seven years and continues to serve as an active board member. He helped lead the cloud management and file-sharing service from startup to enterprise level. Dan offered some sage advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. He encouraged attendees to just "go for it" while keeping the big picture in mind.

Dan Levin

Jacob Lee

Co-Founder of StdLib

Jacob Lee is an example of someone who just "went for it." After graduating with a Computer Science degree from Princeton, Jacob co-founded StdLib, which organizes the world's APIs into the "standard library of the internet." StdLib has already raised $2 million in first-round seed funding. At HackPrinceton Fall 2017, Jacob shared his inspiring path to entrepreneurship. Although he initially knew nothing about computer science, he immersed himself in tech, working at Google and then co-founding StdLib.

Jacob Lee


The Princeton Tigerlilies

On the first day of HackPrinceton Fall 2017, hackers were treated to quite the serenade. Princeton's own a cappella group, the Tigerlilies, treated everyone to a live performance!


Soccer Darts

On the second day of hacking, attendees took a break from work and released their pent-up energy on soccer darts!

Soccer Darts

Therapy Dogs

Some cuddly friends made their way to the Friend Center on Sunday. It's safe to say they were the MVPs of HackPrinceton Fall 2017!

Therapy Dogs