Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a marathon software and hardware product creation event. At HackPrinceton, you can look forward to inspiring guest speakers, educational workshops, expert mentors, and, of course, fun games and yummy (free) food.

Who can attend?

Any undergraduate or graduate student at any university in the world!

What should I bring?

Bring your student ID for entrance and a government-issued ID to borrow hardware. You’ll also need your laptop and charger for hacking and toiletries for hygiene.

Will this cost me money?

Nope! We’ll provide all the food, swag, and fun times you need to have an amazing weekend.

I’ve never been to a hackathon and I’m nervous.

Have no fear — HackPrinceton is, first and foremost, a fun learning experience! We will have beginner workshops held by professors and industry professionals in web design, mobile applications, backends, cloud content management, and more! Our goal is for you to leave HackPrinceton having learned something.

Will I be able to borrow hardware for my project?

Yes! We have one of the most well-established hardware tracks in the country. Our dedicated hardware lab will be stocked with parts and tools to build your project. Some items we've previously provided include:

  • Raspberry Pis + kits + touchscreens
  • Arduinos + kits
  • Oculus Rifts
  • Myo Bands
  • Pebble Smartwatch
  • Servos + motors + gears
  • Soldering tools
  • Wire cuttes + strippers + pliers
  • Laser cutter + acrylic
  • And more!

Hardware Lab

Is walk-on registration allowed?

No. To attend, you must register on-time and be accepted.

Can I sleep at HackPrinceton?

Yes, of course! We encourage all hackers to take care of themselves and get some sleep over the weekend. We provide free on-campus housing at Princeton for hackers that request it. However, please note that Princeton does not allow hackers to sleep at Friend Center due to Fire Safety restrictions.

How will I get to Princeton?

We'll be sending a number of buses to some schools, which will provide you with transportation to and from HackPrinceton. If we don't have a bus going to your school, we'll be providing travel reimbursements to many participants in order to help subsidize the costs of travel. You'll receive more details about your particular travel arrangement on your confirmation page.

What’s the event schedule?

HackPrinceton will start around 5pm on Friday, March 30th and last until around 3pm on Sunday, April 1st. We'll be releasing more details about the schedule in the coming weeks.